Check Out: Trung Ngo

Age: 17

Home: San Diego, California

Sponsors: Real (flow), Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), Matix (flow), etnies (flow), Ogio (flow), Sun Diego Boardshops

Just call me: Trung.

Music to hype you for the session: Devo.

Music after the session: The Velvet Underground.

Your Game Of SKATE secret weapon: Flatground frontside 540.

Favorite styles: Marc Johnson, Geoff Rowley, Jack Sabback, Dennis Busenitz.

Last good video you watched: Some guy named Richie Jackson’s tape on the Internet.

Pet peeve: Going to shoot a sequence of a trick you already did.

Favorite pastime other than skating: Poker-Texas Hold ‘Em, specifically.

The hot skate spot: That ledge spot.

Place to travel: Away from San Diego.

Watch out for them in ’06: Marius Syvanen.

There are very few things I know about Trung Ngo. Not that he’s secretive or even antisocial, but as with most all of us in this community of ours, we choose to speak of skateboarding over most other topics. And that’s all we talk about when he calls-skateboarding. From what I do know about Trung, he lives, breathes, and sweats skateboarding like no kid I know. It’s the upcoming generation of skateboarders like Trung that are going to give some heads a run for their money in the near future. And his future isn’t too far away.-Tony E