Check Out: Yoon Sul

Age: 29

Home: Los Angeles, California-downtown to be precise. Gotta love the bitter artists and their free Red Bull/vodka shows.

First camera: Canon Sure Shot-it was burgundy, and the ladies loved it.

Last camera: My friend Karen got me one of those little spy cameras for Christmas. It’s like the size of my middle finger, and it’s good, for like, spying.

Favorite camera: Contax T3.

Top three skate photographers: Spike Jonze, Brian Gaberman, Seu Trinh.

First photo in a skateboard mag: A Freshjive ad with Daniel Castillo doing a frontside 360 over a trash can. He still owes me a hundred bucks ’cause he kept saying he wouldn’t make it. Well, he did it in five tries. The first editorial photo I had was a nose manual photo of Chris Roberts holding a coffee in Venice in Strength-I just remembered I never got paid for that one. Both were in 2003.

Favorite person to shoot with: Daniel Castillo-although sometimes it’s like babysitting.

Favorite subject to shoot other than skateboarding: Women that’ve been in my bed.

The one skate photo that always sticks out in your mind: Skin’s photo of Rick Howard doing a frontside tailslide on a barrier-simple and clean.

Still want to shoot a photo of: The Los Angeles Lakers winning a championship.

First off, I’m glad to see another Korean guy out there on a skateboard. Only god knows how he must’ve avoided the piano lessons and was able to pass the pop quizzes his parents gave him after school just to let him out the door. Until recently, it had been ten years since I’d hung out with Yoon during those days of the World park-the days of irresponsibility. It was only when I saw Danny Supa’s 20 Questions in this magazine that I called Daniel Castillo to see if this was “our” Yoon, and sure enough it was. I was fascinated by the style of photography in that article-one I’ve never really seen before. And now I’m psyched to be working with him, hanging like we used to, and just being around the only other Korean in the skateboarding industry-who doesn’t speak Korean. Kam-sam-ni-da.-Daewon Song