Check Out: Zach Lyons

Age: 22
Home: Bowie, Maryland
Sponsors: Organika, Emerica (flow), Pitcrew, Constance, Spitfire, Thunder

Beverage of choice: Nesquik.
Next am who should go pro: Paul McElroy.
Worst injury: Broken collarbone.
Goal in skateboarding: Supreme domination and have fun.
First thing you’d buy if you won the lottery: I would buy Pulaski Park and save the rest under my bed.
Next country you want to visit: Either England or Iraq.
Last pro you talked to: Chris Hall is still pro.
Magazines you read besides skateboarding ones: Home And Garden.
How do you feel about contests: Whatever floats your boat.
Inspiring video part: Olly Todd in the Landscape video.
Web sites you visit daily:
Song that’s currently stuck in your head: “Isis” by Bob Dylan.

I’m sure you must know who Zach Lyons is by now. He is on his way to being a legend in the skate world. Please believe it. The first time I met Zach, he was on some next shit, so I put him down. I train with him all the time at Malcolm X Park. Zach will find the most obscure unskateable spot and turn it into his own playground. He has incredible pop because he weighs less than a newborn. I don’t think he sees things the way most people do, which makes him a very innovative skater. He rolls with PMA, so you know not to mess with him. Zach rules.-Chris Hall