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Dan Roberts
Age: 17
Home: Ventura, California
Sponsors: Maple

Dan gets hot girls, and I haven’t had a girlfriend since seventh grade. Dan wears super-comfortable socks, and I wear shitty ones with big holes. Dan lands tricks, and I just slam. He’s basically the most confident person on a skateboard I’ve ever seen. Like this frontside flip-he did it three times! I guess what I’m saying is I’m jealous of him, but I don’t hate him.-Tyler Hansen

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Jim Gorecki
Age: 18
Home: Norristown, Pennsylvania
Sponsors: Aesthetics (flow), Etnies, Synergy skate shop

Two years ago, a random name started popping up during skate sessions-everyone was talking about a kid named Jimmy. There was some hearsay about what this kid could do, but most of it didn’t sound true. Then one day last year, all of us witnessed Jim doing a backlip down one of the illest rails in Philly. Over the past year, he’s been a regular in the sessions. Whether it’s doing some tech ledge trick or going down a gnarly ledge, his skating is indeed an eye-catcher. If you’re in the Philly area, make sure you don’t bust out a pack of cigarettes, he’ll spot you with it a mile away and keep grubbing off you until your pack is empty.-Ryan Gee

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m,, Don Nguyen
Age: 21
Home: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Sponsors: Hollywood (flow), Hot Skates, S-one Insoles, Team BK

I met Don two months ago after I moved from New Jersey to California. Because we were both new to the great land of skateboarding opportunity, Orange County, I was sure we’d get along. The third time we went skating together, he was switch tailsliding a rail and tweaked his ankle. The weird thing was, instead of his ankle going back in place, it stayed out of the socket. As we all stared in awe, he said gently, “I just broke my ankle.” It turned out he severely dislocated his ankle and is now counting the days until he can roll around again. With his positive outlook on life and skateboarding, he’ll be out and about in no time at all.-Joe Krolick

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, Justin Case
Age: 17
Home: Newbury Park, California
Sponsors: Alien Workshop, DC, Elwood, Venture, Ghetto Child, Chaos skateboard shop

I’ve known Justin for a long time because we grew up in the same neighborhood and we live on the same street. I’ve been filming with him a lot for the past two years. I’ve seen his skating grow. He has such a good smooth style, and he can skate everything. His skating is enjoyable to watch.-Steve Ireland

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Dan Connelly
Age: 23
Home: San Diego, California
Sponsors: Dynasty, Osiris, Pacific Drive

Dan Connolly has been my dogg since I first met him back in the day. B., D.C., J.D., and I (and the list goes on) have been a posse for a while. We’re down to skate anything anytime. D.C.’s my homey for sure. Feds up, hos down.-Peter Smolik