Check Outs – Chris Troy

Age: 15

Home: Carlsbad, California

Sponsors: Black Label, Adio (flow), Krew (flow), FKD, Vestal watches, Surfride board shop

First Setup: A Nash from wherever

Dream Session: Peter Watkins, Travis Howell, Jason Maxwell, Danny Gorman, Tom Miyao, and John Lucero at the Adio park

Gotta Work For It: 360 flips-“Those are the worst.”

I’m writing about Chris Troy? Rad. Well, I know he looks good on a skateboard, that’s for damn sure. He’s been about fifteen years old for the three or so years that I’ve known him, which I can’t say isn’t a curious trait, but it’s a nice one to have. He’s a handsome chap-in fact, my ex-girlfriend said that if he were of age, she would be more than happy to rob him of his fragile virginity. Whoa, hold on a second, she must have liked him more than she did me. Nevermind. Chris is the cat’s pajamas, and everyone should be his best friend. Oh yeah, and he’s actually a really amazing skateboarder, too.-Peter Watkins