Check Outs – Tony Tave

Age: 17

Home: Lake Forest, California

Sponsors: Element, C1RCA, Ghetto Child, Active, Ogio

First Setup: World Industries “Battle” with Ventures and Wet Willy wheels

Dream Session: Guy Mariano and Eric Koston-“Any flatground spot is cool.”

Gotta Work For It: 360 flips-“They’re so stupid.”

I’ll just say it straight-the kid can skate. Skating with Tony can be either fun or funny. He always has a smile on his face no matter what trick he’s trying. He makes it seem like he’s not really trying the trick, but then he lands and rides away with the same smile and you just laugh. You can find Tony picking up on junior high girls at the movie theaters on weekends or at a local spot getting totally gnarly.-Colty Bearz