Checkout: David Gonzales

Age: 15
Hometown: Medellin, Colombia
Sponsors: Flip, Fury, Globe shoes, Hawk clothes, Ricta, Libre Skate Shop.
Portable MP3 player of choice: iPod.
Newest artist in said player: Barricada, AC/DC.
Favorite skaters: Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds.
Funniest movie: Los Reyes.
Favorite skate terrain: Mini ramp and street.
Fashion don’ts: Ravers’ fashion.
Shout outs: Love to my family.
David hails from Medellin, Colombia. At fifteen years young, he is the new Don in town. “Don David! people shout out as he cruises by on his way to his local concrete ramp where he can be found skating every day. When he’s not studying English, David will be glued to the TV watching skate videos over and over. David is a natural and loves to skate--he has a bright future ahead of him.--Ewan Bowman