Checkout: Rodrigo Petersen

Age: 26
Home: Curitiba, Brazil
Sponsors: Nike SB, Listen Skateboards, LRG, Thunder, Spitfire, Diamond Supply Co.

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: Fabio Cristiano, Javier Sarmiento, and Gordo G.
A band you’d pay a fortune to go see: Mpb.
Dream skate session: Session with no cops.
Your all-time-favorite skate video: Mouse, Credo Fit, Chilche.
First pro who influenced you: I don’t know, man.
Best meal you can cook: Salad.
Next country you want to visit: Japan.
Fallback job if skating doesn’t work: Skate forever. I don’t wanna think about that.
Dream car: Spitfire 48 mm, Thunder trucks, Listen board, and some Nikes.
Name a banging video part that comes to mind: Paulo Diaz, Guy Mariano, Clark Hassler, Rodrigo TX, Chico Brenes, and many more.
Christmas wish list: No war in the world.
New Year’s resolution: Just keep doing what you love to do.

Anthony Claravall came by my office to show me a sponsor-me tape while I was working for another skateboard company that’s no longer in business. The tape contained some of the best footage I had ever seen. I just remember every trick having so much pop and steez! If any of you have ever seen Rodrigo skate in person, you know what I’m talking about. I couldn’t believe nobody was sending this guy boards, so I had to jump on the opportunity. Shortly after, that company went out of business and Listen started. When we started Listen, everyone agreed that Rodrigo would have to be one of the first ams. I love dealing with Rodrigo. He’s so easygoing and always happy. Thanks to Anthony for making our paths cross.-Vern Laird