Checkout: Sheldon Meleshinski

Age: Whoa, I’m twenty.
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Sponsors: Zero, C1RCA, KR3W, The Board Kennel
Portable MP3 player of choice: All I got is a Discman!
Newest artist in said player: Luke Atherton.
Favorite tranny skater: Anyone named Tony.
Funniest movie: Army Of Darkness.
Fashion don’t: That’s their problem.
Hardest TM: Chris Bodiford.
Skater you want to see more of: Trainwreck.
Shout outs: Chiefers, Bama, Baby Ice, Dom, Judah, Fingerflip Sack, and Winfield.

You know who’s totally awesome? Sheldon is. Big-time awesome. This one-eyed beanpole can boardflip with the best of them. He can do almost anything. He’s not so good at switch backside stuff, but without the benefit of stereoscopic vision, I think that’s perfectly understandable. Even though Sheldon sometimes looks a bit piratey, I can assure you he’s a gentle giant who has no interest in plundering your gold chains and diamond earrings; your spots, however, are a different matter. He joined Zero ’cause he digs skulls, and rumor has it Jamie is going to fashion him a seven-ply maple leg—I have no doubt that this will propel him to new heights of rippingness.—Scott Pommier