Checkout: Vince Del Valle

Age: 19
Home: Kenmore, Washington
Sponsors: Crimson Skateboards, Hurley, Destructo, adidas, Bones Wheels

Trick you want to learn: Hurricanes.
Last time you skated vert: At Tampa Am.
Favorite author: Hemmingway.
Best non-skate mag: FHM.
Most important part of your setup: The board, it has to feel right.
Favorite interview you’ve seen in TransWorld: David Gravette’s last interview.
Good advice you’ve been given: Aaron Astorga told me to pace myself.
Ideal pizza: Not too much cheese, extra meat.
Best hand gesture: The shocker, not the shaka.
Funniest movie: Pick Of Destiny.
Skate spot you miss: Meadowdale Gap in Washington.
Local shop that hooked you up: Trailer Made was my first sponsor-they were a cool shop, but they went under.

Vince Del Valle is one of the Northwest’s finest young talents. He skates with speed and style and has a large bag of tricks to boot. His good personality makes him fun to be around, and he’s always down for a good session. We’re sure to see a lot more of Vince in the future as he’ll soon migrate south for the winter in search of warmer, greener pastures.-Aaron Astorga