Checkouts: Collin Hale

Age: 20
Home: Underhill, Vermont
Sponsors: Hurley, Osiris shoes, Bones Wheels and bearings, Stowe Mt. Resort, Talent Skatepark/shop

Next Pro Spotlight you want to see: P.J. Ladd or Javier Sarmiento.
A band you’d pay a fortune to go see: Frank Zappa.
Dream skate session: Dave Abair, Marshall Heath, Manny Santiago, Dave Bachinsky, or any homeys!
Your all-time-favorite skate video: Rodney Vs. Daewon Round 1, any TWS video, Feedback, The Reason.
First pro who influenced you: Kerry Getz and Anthony Pappalardo. When I went to Philly a long time ago, they were both mad chill.
Best meal you can cook: Kick-ass breakfast.
Next country you want to visit: I love Montreal. I’ll be back there sometime soon.
Fallback job if skating doesn’t work: Chef, for sure-I went to school for it.
Dream car: Anything really. I’m trying to get my license back anyway.
Name a banging video part that comes to mind: P.J. Ladd in Wonderful Horrible Life, and Wade Desarmo in It’s Official.
Christmas wish list: Board company.
New Year’s resolution: Try not to eat Burger King.
I’ve been a fan of Collin since I first met him a few years back at one of the Damn Am Volcom contests. It was Halloween weekend, and he showed up in a Santa Claus suit-white beard and all-the day we were supposed to wear costumes and did flatground tricks throughout his run. I’ve enjoyed watching his carefree style on a skateboard ever since. Most recently, I sat next to him on a plane back to the States from Europe. It was refreshing to learn that he’s also got a pretty decent head on his shoulders.-Ryan Clements