Chocolate Premiere’s Video

Ringing in the Summer of ’99, Chocolate and Girl Skateboards presented their fourth movie, The Chocolate Tour. If anyone knows how to have a premiere right, it’s got to be both of these teams. Held at the ultra-swank Directors Guild in Hollywood, California, several of the team members and industry-types dressed up in suits, showing there was no question that the event was going to be high-class.

Unlike the typical skate video premiere, there was no alcohol or food allowed on the premises and the event was invite only with the rules strictly enforced by the building’s private security. Though some might have felt the rules were a bit strict, they were a refreshing change to the unprofesional drunken debauchery that accompanies most skate premieres.

Those lucky enough to catch one of two showings were treated to one of funniest and most anticipated videos of the year. Humorous skits, insane make-up jobs, and quality “ahem” acting by members of both teams tied the movie together with all of the ridiculously tech lines and segments by both teams. Segments that made the video, though, were Eric Koston’s, Stevie Williams’, Colin McKay’s, and Scott Johnston’s.

While most skaters are going to be watching the video for the tricks, the plot was actually really good. Rest assured though, when you do get around to checking the movie out, you’ll definitely be entertained and amazed guaranteed.