The Cinematographer Project, World View: Nick Jensen Interview

From our February 2017 issue

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The Cinematographer Project, World View presented by: WeedMaps

Mackenzie Eisenhour

How has it been filming this?
Fun. Jake [Harris] came up with a banging concept so we had more of a focus for the type of tricks we wanted to film.

Casper Brooker, 360 flip. Italy. Photo: Biondani

What was your guys' plan going in? Can you break down everyone involved in your section?
Our plan was to revisit elements from old skate sections. We decided to go to Italy where our great friends Mario and Davide could show us around. This allowed us to rethink old tricks in relation to a completely new place.

Chris Jones, ollie to thread the needle. Italy. Photo: Biondani

Why did you choose the location in question? Was there any issues specifically related to the location?
We know Mario and Davide and they are legends. Naples and the surrounding areas are really great for skateboarding. It's also nice and warm. Also we did some history tourism and went to Pompeii, the city that got buried by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Jon Nguyen, ollie over to frontside tailslide. Italy. Photo: Biondani

Any stories of note during filming? Challenges? Did it all run smoothly?
It was all great. It sucked a bit when we got to Rome because it rained all three days, but this worked out for Sylvain [Tognelli].

Nick Jensen, backside kickflip to firecracker. Italy. Photo: Biondani

Are you happy with the finished part? Would you do anything differently next time?
I think it's rad what Jake has done. I wouldn't do anything differently, it was a good adventure.

Tom Knox, backside lipslide. Italy. Photo: Biondani

Favorite Cinematographer section from the past?
Dennis Busenitz skating in Dan Wolfe's one (TCP '12).

Isle got pretty experimental with their edit.

The Cinematographer Project, World View presented by: WeedMaps