From Encinitas to Barcelona to Sydney—The Cinematographer Project, World View has been hitting the screens in all sorts of locations around the globe. And with a name like “World View”, it only makes sense, right? Check a couple photos here from PASS~PORT’s Sydney premiere and keep your eyes peeled for the TCP release on iTunes coming January 23rd! Presented by: WeedMaps!

CAPTIONS / @sparkessydney

The crowd at “Freda’s” bar in Sydney gather around to watch the show. I can see at least three girls in there…..this is a huge win for Australian skateboarding!

Leigh Bolton and Toby Lock of New Zealand appearing with convicted “bed wetter” Geoff Campbell. Geoff has been in Sydney for over a week and still hasn’t called me. The bullying will stop when I receive my phone call Geoffrey.

Sammy Winter and his girlfriend Mateja came along too! Shout out to the stalker who is clearly visible over Sammy’s left shoulder! Sorry mate…..caught you red handed! Wait….or is that what he wanted to happen?

Professional athlete – Dean Palmer wearing an extremely guilty “I just farted face” whilst Professional photographer Jason Morey plays the role of “polite victim”, pretending not to notice. Skills like these are not obtained over night kids!

George Kousoulis (middle) and Mike Mierzynkski (right) caught red-handed attempting to seduce Trent Evans (left) with the promise of “sexual favors” in return for free alcoholic bevereges. Thankfully, this photo being taken actually prevented George from unbuttoning anymore of Trent’s shirt and probably doing something the three of them would regret in the morning.

We played a little trick on Jack Fardell here a few days prior and told him the premier was “Australia day” themed and we were all dressing up for it. Poor bugga really fell for it! Sorry Jack! At least you got to be the one person photographed at the premiere in black and white!

Professional photographer Dave Chami has just recently moved back to Australia and Brett Chan has just recently returned home from outer space. After watching the PASS~PORT section, they both laughed and said “why did we move back here again?” I replied “The beach……you dummies!” I wasn’t smiling though : – |