City Stars: Street Cinema Video Premiere

The crowd inside the theater was getting anxious, popcorn andstickers were being tossed through the air, and the video still wasn’tstarting! For a second it seemed like the video wouldn’t go down, thenfinally Kareem showed up and explained, “Sorry yo, we got a janky limo!”

As the lights dimmed nobody was prepared for what they were about tohave dropped on them–the Chomp On This trailer: Part 2! Raising thehype once again with an out of control manual line by Koston, newfootage of Jamie Thomas, and of course the comedy that makes the homieswant more, everyone was amped. As the City Stars video started there were also a lot more surprisesleft to come. Surprise number one: Cain Gayle’s part is off the charts!I expected his part to be good, but this was out of control. Cain hasdefinitely upped his skating by Jumping on some gnarly ledges andskating really damn fast. Surprise number two: Mike Taylor is killingit! If you thought Mike was just a real smooth tech skater you’re wrong.

Mike frontside 50-50s a rail that kinks and goes flat so many times that Muska and Jamie would both be proud. This kid rips, so be on the look out.

Surprise number three: Paul Rodriguez has enough footage for twosongs! He even skated to the Jackson 5 song Guy Mariano used in thelegendary Blind video. Is there a hidden message there? Hmmmmmm?Basically Paul’s entire part had lines with more tech than Microsoft aswell as some footy that required an extra large pair of gnar boots.Switch flip and switch heel down the Hollywood ten? How old is this kid?How’d he get that good?

Surprise number four: Ryan Denman and Justin Case┬┐these dudes rip.Where have these guys been hiding? And perhaps the biggest surprise ofthe night┬┐No Kareem footage! It’s kind of understandable though, causeI’m sure Kareem has been busy with the biz side of things, but everyonewanted to see some Reems footy. Maybe in the final version there will be a few treats. To sum it up you’ll definitely be rewinding over and over, so go get a Copy of Street Cinema as soon as possible!