Cliché’s Clé Favorite Part Interviews: Joey Brezinski

The second in a series of short interviews with those involved in Cliché's newest video, Clé. See Junior’s interview here.

Joey Brezinski discusses his favorite part in its latest video.

Interview by Blair Alley

What was your favorite part in Clé?

Brophy’s part was my favorite. I just like the song and the way he skates. It just went really smoothly.

Was Clé different from videos in the past?

Well, Clé came about—we weren’t planning on doing a video. Basically Lucas (Puig) and JB (Gillet) had a bunch of leftover stuff from Fully Flared, and I had a whole bunch of footage saved up, and I know Brophy had been stacking stuff. So everyone had stuff but no one was working on a project, so we decided to do a video.

Andrew Brophy’s part in Clé. Music by Bombay Bicycle Club. Song: Evening Morning.

How did the music come together for your part?

We were on this Red Bull trip in London, the Union Jack trip, and I was listening to Beirut—Shane Azar had the album. I actually wanted to use a different song, but when we tried to get the rights, they preferred that we use the song that we used in the video.