Clyde Singleton presents: GoSkate Day pt.1, Kona Skatepark’s “Fantasy Cup”
Filmed by: Ryan Kellum
Edited by: Clyde Singleton
Music: The Game ft. Travis Barker, Dope Boyz (instrumental)

Martin Ramos and Kona Skatepark (the oldest standing skateboard park in North America) here in Jacksonville, Florida decided to up the ante this year, and be the first city in North America to ring in Go Skateboarding Day with a $5000 best trick(s) team competition that was held on Saturday night, with the finals kicking in exactly at midnight to officially ring in the festivities. Tons of skaters from all over the East showed up, and standouts were Timmy Knuth and his team. The Element boys (George Evans, Matt Fink, and Jimmy Lannon), and the 5Boro team came into town, with heavy hitter Chris Blake (nollie nosebluntslide), and literally shut sh!t DOWN. In the end, team Element took home first place, but props to all teams and skaters who participated. Also, I’d like to thank the fine women of Hooters, Ryan King, Norm Stovall, Tony Reddington, Ryan Kellum, and the East Center crew and a big shout out to Martin Ramos, the employees and friends of Kona Skatepark for all the hard work they put into making this event happen. Lets go!—Clyde Singleton