Clyde Singleton presents: GoSkate Day pt.2- “Bangers for Bucks”

On Day 2 here in Jacksonville (yeah, told y’all we did it big), we held 3 “Bangers For Bucks” events at our local skateparks. Kona skatepark, Red Bull, and BusStop Mag all donated hundreds of dollars in cash prizes, and products. The first stop was AB Park, out in Neptune beach. The huge 9-foot quarter-pipe with pool coping over the doorway was where it all went down and Joe Marrera, Mike “Darkness” Barnes, Longboard Nate, Aaron Muellen, and local Atlantic Beach ripper Seth Dupuis, all came through and handled their business. After that, we all headed over to Jacksonville’s Ed Austin Park and the same cast from AB, along with Bong Gause, Spencer Lau, Jon Morrissey, Will Lawhorn, Jason Colone and few others all did their thing on the Maitland Brick quarter. And not to be left out, Max Barton came through with a banging wallie 360 late shove-it over the Jersey barrier to end the contests. Before we left, we ended the day at Kona, with a contest down the big 4/hubba and a BBQ. Pretty much everyone came through, but most notably my man Joey Correy literally stepped outta his truck, no strectching, no warming up, nothing, and banged out five sick ass tricks within 10 tries down the hubba. All in all good times, good skating, and furthermore, a weekend of unity amongst all the skaters here in the ‘Ville. I’d like to take this time to thank Martin Ramos, Ryan King, Norm Stovall, Maxx McInerey, DJ Triclops, my girlfriend and all the parents and skaters who came out and supported to make the weekend happen. Y’all should all give yourselves a round of applause. Jeah!

Filmed by: Maxx McInerey
Edited by: Clyde Singleton
Music by: Macado “Whos There.. The Thump” & “Propa x Macado Collabo” Instrumentals