This is my buddy George Evans. George is known to come to my house, anytime around the 10a.m. hour. Why? I still haven’t figured it out yet. But, I do come back home drunk, and somehow’d seen at least six new spots I had no idea where in my own city. Now, thas what I’m talm’kin bout! Anyways, this kid’s an amazing skateboarder, and it’s my pleasure to introduce this ole waking up too early in the morning ass bast’id to the world. Yeah. “The world Craig…” Big shout outs to Ryan DeWitt and Andy Webb @ Element. Gabe Clement @ DVS. Ryan King, over at Red Bull. My man Jon Montessi @ Westside Skateshop, and Shannon for taking care of ole Hore’hay here. Jacksonville, Florida. Please, Stand the fokk up! We in the HOUSE, on this one! Jeah!—Clyde Singleton

Produced by: Clyde Singleton
Filmed by: Chris Jolly