Converse Cons Purple Video Premiere

Last week in NYC, Converse Cons premiered its very first full-length video Purple. And to no surprise, it did not disappoint. Coming in at around 45 minutes, there is a ton of amazing skating in this bad boy. All your favorites come through with some heavy moves. Bobby DeKyzer has first part and skates to two songs and blows your mind, Sage pops higher than everyone, Kenny styles out, Mike Anderson keeps progressing, Sean Pablo is getting taller, Kevin Rodrigues has a full part, etc…and tons of great music that you’ll probably recognize and be hyped on. Then Louie Lopez and Jake Johnson close out the video…but wait, Jason Jessee comes through with an after credits part! Be on the lookout online for it popping up soon. Thanks to the Cons crew for the room and hospitality!

PHOTOS: @jaimeowens

CONS_Premiere_NYC_sign_purpleCONS_Premiere_NYC_sabback Heads rolling in…Jack Sabback lurking.


CONS_Premiere_NYC_Rob Cons’ Russ Pope and Rob Collins before the lights went down.


CONS_Premiere_NYC_after_street Mad peeps yo!

CONS_Premiere_NYC_Sage Sage.

CONS_Premiere_NYC_.JJtif Aaron Herrington, JJ, Kenny Anderson.

CONS_Premiere_NYC_ Tom Remillard.

CONS_Premiere_NYC_Manderson Bram De Martelaere and Manderson.

CONS_Premiere_NYC_BEN Kenny and the man, Ben Chadourne.

CONS_Premiere_NYC_Josh_Mehring Locals rule. Josh Stewart and Jonathan Mehring.


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