A classic parking lot skate jam, free vegan BBQ, all the Villager coconut waters you could ask for… and of course a hidden bucket full of icy cold ones for those of age—the Converse x Chocolate skate jam at Furnace Skate Shop went off yesterday, all in celebration of Kenny Anderson’s new CONS shoe collab with Chocolate. Locals, pros, ams and everyone in between seshed a bevy of classic skate obstacles in the parking lot until the lights came on, and then some more. Big thanks for Furnace, Cons and Chocolate for the good times yesterday. Check some photos below!

PHOTOS / @jaimeowens

 Kenny Anderson, backside noseblunt.

 Cons’ Rob Collins, frontside ollie.


 Tom Remillard, frontside melon.


 Danny Montoya, tailblock.


 Tom, Remillard, frontside hurricane.

 The Rickness.   These look gooooood.

 Plant Food for People is good eats!


Ryan Townley, frontside tailblock.