Here it all is. What an amazing finals—Grant Taylor and Sean Malto skating simultaneously in one 10-minute heat, then Torey, Shane, Vincent, and Luan all skating for 10 minutes straight in the final heat. Rattray blew out his chin, Shane cracked a rib, Torey puked all over the course again, Grant did the unthinkable backside tailslide with Star Trek shades on, and when the dust settled, Luan was the obvious winner. Torey got second and Malto got third. Full results here. Best Trick results here.

Video by Blair Alley

In order of appearance: John Rattray, Lucas Puig, Grant Taylor, Tony Trujillo, David Gonzalez, Vincent Alvarez, Javier Sarmiento, Shane O’Neill, Sean Malto, Torey Pudwill, Luan Oliveira, Daniel Lebron, Colin Kennedy, Elissa Steamer, and Rodrigo Leal.