CPH Pro 2010 Qualifiers

Today was a big day in Copenhagen, 43 pros battled it out for only 12 spots for tomorrow’s finals. The format was 4-man jams that lasted 6 minutes each. It was a little hard to catch all the action, but in the end, the standings looked like this:

1. Shane O’Neill 2. Luan Oliveira 3. Torey Pudwill 4. Vincent Alvarez 5. Grant Taylor 6. Javier Sarmiento 7. Tony Trujillo 8. Sean Malto 9. Roberto Aleman 10. John Rattray 11. Lucas Puig 12. David Gonzalez

Video by Blair Alley

In order of appearance: Lucas Puig, Jesus Fernandez, Javier Sarmiento, Paul Shier, Chico Brenes, Marty Murawski, John Rattray, Shane O’Neill, Grant Taylor, Matt Beach, Tony Trujillo, David Gonzalez, Danny Cerezini, Sean Malto, Brian Anderson, Torey Pudwill, Vincent Alvarez, and Luan Oliveira.

See the full results here.