This was actually billed as a “triple-feature.” First the crowd was welcomed with Tales Of The Larb (hope that’s the right name) which is Sam Hitz’ incredible animation. Next up was the main event, Hesh Law. And last but by no means least was the Rick and Buddy directed horror short film Blood Shed—all at a drive-in in San Diego’s South Bay! Oh man, where to begin. Eh, you can’t really. You’re gonna have to experience it all for yourself. Stand out parts seemed to be Truman Hooker and Taylor Bingaman. The montages of the older guys skating tranny were epic. Filmed on location in China, South America, and Ramona. The whole drive-in vibe was simply awesome. It felt like being in a 1950s greaser movie where the whole town goes to the drive-in on a Friday night. There were old cars, motorcycles, hot chicks, beer everywhere—I gotta hand it to Creature, I’ve been to a lot of video premieres, but this one was definitely one for the books.

Fiend screen

The screen that welcomed the fiends.

Don't Clare

Steve Clare n them rolled up.

Triumph Husk

O Dog in leather.

LP & Lieng

Paul Sewell and Cuong Lieng ready to take in some Hesh.

Snack Bar

The wild things were in the snack bar.

Husk chili

The snack bar chili kept us warm.

Blog Shed

Catch the recap at


Slash was on the scene.

Hensley & Skin

Matt Hensley and Skin trekked down from Carlsbad.


JT Rhoades, no job no worries.

Triple threat

Shuriken, Tyler, and P Kid

estas loco?

Marius made it back from Spain…


The people want Truman Hooker.

Wild Hesh Law Things

Weird Wild Things ran across the screen.


Tom Grom and Cuong.

Husky Minute

Go here and it will all make sense.

it's on

The video played with TJ in the background.


This might be Truman getting buck.

Front row

Not a bad way to watch a premiere.

Sick oldie

Lots of oldies cruising around.