This year’s Crossroads retail event has been bumped up to its new and improved location next to Petco Park in downtown San Diego. This location is optimum for guests of ASR so they are able to interact with the skaters who all dipped on the trade show. There’s one more day, so if you have a chance to make it out today, do it.

Petco Park
Pulled up to a great view of San Diego Padres stadium.

This was the first thing I saw when walking in the show. Danny Scher interviewed by Tosh Rice.

Dane Vaughn and The Biz about to put in some work for Gold Wheels.


The tranny obstacle on the course.

You should plan on seeing some heavy tricks like this going down on the tranny obstacles.


All sorts of kids were shralping the shark. 5-0 over a bunch of potential Crocodile Dundee necklaces.


Here is the other section that will be ripped to shreds.

Anthony Schultz was hanging out at the event with a freshly chopped haircut. Say good bye to the curly locks.


Remember when these guys were all on the same team? Well, here they are, years later, skate owners and gurus. Jim Greco, Erik Ellington and Jamie Thomas reminisce.


Bizarro Greco seemed quite enticed by real Greco, even making awkward circles around where he was sitting, as if the more he did it, the better his chances would be to meet real Greco. But, alas, he nervously retreated. Better for us all, since the universe implodes when dopplegangers meet. It’s a fact.


Deathwish was showing off some really cool new black light special board graphics. Get the Slash board while its still available.


This dude showed up and put on a freestyle show, perhaps inspired by such greats as Rodney Mullen, Don Brown, Daryl Grogan, Pierre André Senizergues, etc. That’s incredible!


Dane Vaughn and his good homie Apollo Cutts from Sacto. Check Apollo’s site. Hes got some sick interviews with Sacramento legends including John Cardiel.

The back of this truck was a great booth For Deathwish and Shake Junt, it needs no set up or take down at all. Just drive in and drive out.


Del the Funky Homosapien took a moment to rest for the concert he played at the Osiris party later in the night.


SKATE-MAAH-FIAHHH! Former New Deal pro and Westside Skateshop owner, John Montesi, shows Jamie Thomas how to show the mafia some love. That S can turn into a Z in no time and don’t nobody know what the Zk8mafia is.

Steve was feeling real good about handing out lighters to little kids.

Here is the view of Petco park from inside the show.


Those quirky guys with their inventions were there, too. Did you know that Sector 9 is the biggest skateboard company in the world? Jamie Thomas told me. Crazy, huh?

The new issue of TransWorld was there. It has tons of great content. Get your hands on it now.


Hubba…making teenagers skate with boners since 2005 or so. I happened across a slew of people watching this Hubba model skate. She could do fakie shovits, but nobody seemed to be looking at her feet.


Here is one more thing you need to get your hands on. This photo is for Blair. Keep the trim coming at all the skate events. Too much fun.


There will be blood…oh yes, there will be blood. Tune in for the footage or pics of people skating the sword.