Daewon Song – Award

The first time they had a Reader’s Poll awards deal in Big Brother (R.I.P.), they had five choices for your favorite skater. 1) Daewon Song 2) Daewon Song 3) Daewon Song 4) Daewon Song 5) Daewon Song … Actually it wasn’t even a poll-it was for an awards show that never happened because boob, poop, or whatever video they were premiering while they were supposed to be handing out the actual awards got so out of hand they had to axe it. Actually, scratch all of that. My memory is a bit hazy today. It was, in point of fact, some type of quasi-joke subscription card, and you were supposed to fill it out and send in some of your vital info (a.k.a. Favorite Street Skater) along with it.

Anyway, it turned out that Jeff Tremaine and the boys at Big Brother were right. Long before Jackass, Wildboyz, Viva La Bam and any other show Tremaine is or has been involved with currently (I don’t really watch television, especially not MTV-the “M” stands for Minimum Wage), Tremaine already knew Daewon was the best. Period. Go ahead; try your chin out, tough guy. Take him to a pool and he’ll blunt kickflip fakie it-first try. Then maybe for fun, he’ll crail half the deep end before he front pivots to fakie (ollie in). Wanna talk rails you could die on? Go get yourself the old Deca, Second To None (’01) video, where he does every trick in the book over a gap/flatbar with a good fifteen-foot drop under it. Vert? I’m guessing he’d warm up with a tre-flip nose bash. Manny combos? I’m not even going to get into that-obviously the undisputed heavyweight champion. Stairs-kickflip at Mach ten down sizable gaps. Banks-did you see the Artafact ads that ended up in Round 3? Picnic tables-don’t make me even write it. Save Time Warner some money. Flat-watch the first line in Love Child. That was f-king fourteen years ago, dude.

So in ’04 he wins “Best Street Skater.” This verdict comes in prior to the DVS video premiering, so you’re already thinking-how on God’s green Earth will he not win next year with his Skate More part and the deluge of Daewon that’s guaranteed to come? Well, my friends-that’s where the politics come in. Do you think Academy Award winner Denzel Washington’s best performance was in Training Day? The dude played Malcolm X in ’92 for Christ’s sake-ten years later he wins his first award for what can at best be called a decent good-cop-bad-cop flick. Forget about an incredible rendition of the second most important man in civil rights and American history. But, I digress. Daewon could win a million awards every year and it wouldn’t mean a damn thing. There are under ten professional skateboarders on earth that essentially compete solely with themselves-because no one else can even hold a candle to half of what they’re doing: Rodney on flat is one; Burnquist in the loop is another; D. Way on the super ramps, obviously; Tony Hawk on vert throughout his career; and-gotta give it to him-Nate Sherwood on the lonely tundras of the pressure flip front. Daewon falls squarely into that category. And, he’s also up 3-0 (non-debatable, little kids) on Rodney. And that’s not to say Mullen didn’t put up one hell of a fight. Summary: Daewon Song-different song.-Mackenzie Eisenhour