Daewon Song Interview

People have been pretty stoked on it. That video was about f-cking around and having fun, you know? I mean Chris Haslam was throwing down some serious sh-t, but at the same time, he was having a lot of fun. We sat down and edited the whole video on a laptop without a mouse. It was pretty funny. Chris edited the dirty cheese thing with Coop’s dirtboarding thing, then I did the intro with the weird dominoes. I did the middle part and end part too.
Honestly, I thought we were gonna get hated on because we did so many circus dork tricks, you know? But I think most people took it like, “They’re just having fun with it.” Even the guys at Channel Street who are more core were like, “Hey, I really liked that Cheese & Crackers video.”

Ha, everybody I’ve talked to said they never wanted to step on a miniramp again.
Awww, no way. Whenever I go to real miniramp sessions, like Volcom’s bowl jam, I’m like whoaaaa. We just tinker toyed with it in Cheese & Crackers. If you go watch the locals at Channel Street, it’s insane man.

Was there any trick you wanted to land for it, but couldn’t quite get?
Yeah, you know what? For two weeks, I thought I pretty much blew out my knee. My foot stayed on the ramp, and my other foot landed on my board, and me knee touched the ramp with my foot on it at the same time. It was bad. I got messed up. I did it on a 180 fakie pivot grind, then a fakie shove-it in front of me. I was just prepping because I wanted to do a 180 fakie pivot grind, then a fakie three flip back in. But I never got around to it because I got hurt. There goes all that fun I was talking about!

Who have you been skating with this week?
Oh, I skated with that little kid David Gonzalez yesterday, and man he rips. Arto and the Flip guys pulled up to San Pedro. He’s got real good flow.

He’s so tiny.
Yeah! I couldn’t believe it. He was riding a mini! That’s insane. He’s gonna be nice to watch in the future.

So why weren’t you around to accept your TWS Video Part Of The Year award?
Awww man. I was so bummed. You know what I was doing? I was upstairs sitting next to my wife watching the awards on the big screen. Believe me Carleton, I had my money on Chris Cole. I just always do. So I was just kicking it with a drink when somebody came up to me and said they called my name. I was like, “What!?” So I went downstairs and the security guards wouldn’t let me through the door into the auditorium. I was frantic, like, “Yo, have to go on stage!” And the guard was just like, “Yeah, sure, you and everyone else.” I’m not joking dude. He just wouldn’t let me in. So when I finally got in, it was too late and the Baker team was already up on stage getting buck crazy. I want to apologize to everyone at TransWorld for that and say thanks everything.