DaKine’s Grease Traps And Tail Taps tour

DaKine’s Grease Traps And Tail Taps tour is underway. In case you didn’t know the idea behing it, DaKine partnered up with Grease Not Gas and is touring in an RV that runs solely on used vegetable oil. That means you can fill up the gas tank at any restaurant for free—and you’re actually saving the restaurant money and helping the environment too. Mike Parziale is the man behind Grease Not Gas and he kitted out the RV himself. It smells a bit like a restaurant once the motor gets running so it’s been nicknamed The Potato Van and The Grease Van, but you gotta admit, it’s amazing. A 60 gallon tank, and Mike says he gets about 20 miles to the gallon—that’s a lot less gas stops than you’re used to!

The team rolled into Visalia, California today to do a demo for Mainland. There was a big turnout of kids and Chris Haslam even stuck it out to play SKATE with basically the entire crowd for over an hour after the demo.

The product toss was ridiculous with not only the usual T-shirts and stickers, but DaKine threw out backpacks and duffel bags! These kids seriously got hooked up and there will most likely be quite a few DaKine bags at the local schools tomorrow.

So after the demo, while the team was eating at Baja Fresh, Jamba Juice, etc., Mike walked into the local Pick Up Stix, bucket in hand and asked if he could take some of their used oil out back. Knowing it would save them money from the usual oil collecting company, they gladly obliged. Three bucket-loads of brown oil later—fifteen gallons to be exact—and we were on our way to Sacto, for free!

Check the photos and video to the left!