Damn Am Minneapolis Finals Video

The finals went off with more than a few flawless runs. Peep the highlights in order of placing and some bonus clips from the Best Trick contest with Taylor Smith, Dylan Perry, and Ian Sherman. Congrats to Chris Mendes for taking it all home. More photos coming this week.
12 Travis Glover
11 Tommy Werner
10 Ian Sherman
9 David Loy
8 Ben Gore
7 Jack Olsen
6 Jereme Knibbs
5 Taylor Smith
4 C.J. Tambornino
3 Timmy Knuth
2 Felipe Gustavo
1 Chris Mendes

L to R: Felipe Gustavo, Chris Mendes, Timmy Knuth and MCs Clyde Singleton and Brian Shaefer. The winners all got Mike Blabac prints courtesy of DC Shoes to celebrate the release of his upcoming photo book.