Danny Fuenzalida Online 20 Questions

Danny Fuenzalida is one of the most talented yet underrated skaters I have ever witnessed on a board. He joined us on a recent filming trip for Right Foot Forward and I was constantly blown away by his skills and demeanor. Danny more than deserves some time under the spotlight so here’s our first online 20 Questions with the man himself.

Words by Dave Chami

Photos by Chami and Dan Zaslavsky

Portrait: Zaslavsky

1. We skated with you recently in Miami on a filming trip for Right Foot Forward, who’s part are you looking forward to seeing most?I don’t know, from what I have seen, it’s a toss up between Kellen, Matt, and Joey. Matt landed an insane trick that I will remember forever. Everybody was shredding and goofy trips are rad ones.

Backside Flip. Chami

2. You live in Miami, what’s your best celebrity sighting in South Beach? That would be Slick Rick, I was with the Think team just cruising Collins Ave, when Slick was on the on the other side walking with his family. He’s hard to miss having a million dollars in chains around his gullet. I’ve always wondered how much that weighs on him. We turned around and just had to take a photo with him for the Web site. He was nice as hell and we got a team shot with the Ricksta.

Frontside 180 Fakie 5-0 Revert. Zaslavsky
3. How’s the skate scene down there?
It’s dope, we have a good posse. Ryan Garshell, Ritchie Zuzak, Paul Deoliviera, Paul Sacoff, Yonnie Cruz, Steve Young, Andre, Forrest Kirby, Ed Selego, Chris Williams.
Switch Crooks Gap Out. Chami
4. I know you have Australian citizenship, how did a Chilean boy who lives in Miami pull that off?
Think handles my work visa for the United States, and being Australian is dope for travel purposes. It’s easier to get into some countries as an Aussie. Being from South America here in Miami is nice. There is a huge hispanic community in Miami and it helps understanding the culture. So I don’t have any weird moments with that. I bro down with guards easier as well.
Feeble Grind 360 Out. Zaslavsky
5. How many different cities have you lived in?
Nine:  Perth, Brisbane, and Groote Eylandt in Australia. Port Hardy and Mill Bay on Vancouver Island in Canada. Santiago in Chile. San Francisco, San Jose, and Miami here in the US.
Ollie to the sidewalk. Chami
6. Favorite skate destination
That’s a hard question, I love Tokyo, Barcelona, China was dope, and Moscow too. I can’t say I have a  favorite; I have the travel bug.
Frontside Heelflip. Zaslavsky
7. Tell us your theory about skating too much only goofy or only regular.
I think you’re talking about my symmetry theory. The idea is that from skating your stance or switch with your hips always to the same direction, you’re not symmetrical. It will start to twist your body to make up for a one-sided impact. For instance, without mentioning names I have a buddy with a six pack on his right side of his abs, and an eight on his left. He is goofy, so from absorbing regular so much he has developed more muscle on one side of his body. It seems logical to me that you aren’t balancing the symmetry of your hips unless you aim your hips forward in the direction you’re rolling. I’m not saying skate that way, or that I skate that way. I am too an example of how unsymmetrical skating has made my body. lol.
Frontside Nollie. Zaslavsky
8. Best non-monetary incentive ever received from a sponsor?
When they tell me I’m doing good. It’s like a good friend patting you on the back (not literally, lol).
9. How was living with Pancho Moler in SF?
Living with Pancho was fun, he always was getting into something insane. Skating all the time while staying super positive. I now only see him when I watch Bad News Bears or something along those lines. Pancho I miss you.
Nollie Frontside Noseslide pop over. Chami
10. Are you still living the skate house life?
No skate house life for me. In San Francisco I moved out of the 16th and South Van Ness skate house and got a nice two bedroom on Hyde and Sutter with my lady and my sister. That was such a different kind of living. I’ve stuck with it ever since.
11. Are you in the contest circuit this year?
I’m gonna go to Europe for a month. So I don’t think I’ll do the Mountain Dew circuit but in Europe I’ll meet up with Brian Schaefer and Ryan Clements in Copenhagen, Denmark for that one. Should be fun and there is that crazy bar and food area—Christiania. Good times.
Wallie. Zaslavsky
12. How do you feel about contests?
I don’t quite know how to feel. I like it when I get money for two minutes of my life. But sometimes there’s a stale vibe in the air that I don’t like. But I’ve met tons of really nice people at contests.
13. Do you ever see Andy Mac at those things?
Haha, Andy I’ve known him for a while, and I did see him at the Dew things. He seems to be a nice guy, but I know what you mean. It’s unavoidable.
Nollie Heelflip 5-0 Revert. Zaslavsky
14. You’re currently the longest running Think pro, right?
I guess so, six and a half years or something. I’m kind of young to take that position. But I’ve been on Think since ’99.
15. Whats Think up to? Anything new in the works?
Everybody on Street Corner Distribution, Think and City, has been filming for a collaborative video coming out soon. Other than that the same old same old, catalogs, new graphics, it never stops.
Nollie Frontside Flip. Zaslavsky
16. Who’s your favorite teammate and why?
Oofff, nobody is my favorite, I’m boys with all of them. I’ve probably skated the most with Brian Delatorre and Adrian Williams but that’s really just because of where they live.
17. If you could put anyone on the team who would it be?
Brian Downey, Milton Martinez, or Yonnie Cruz.
Noseslide to 180 Nosegrind. Zaslavsky
18. What’s a sponsor you always wished you had?
Blue Shield Of California (Health Insurance).
19. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Maybe Chile maybe San Francisco. Doing this, what I love—skateboarding.
20. Thank yous

Yesenia, Mom, Dad, Drea, Dave Chami and Dan Z. for making this happen, Tony Vitello the boss man, Chad Shetler the best all around extreme athelete, Craig Nejedly, Eric Olsen, Ed and Chris, and all my friends who truly know who they are.
Cheers Danny