Danny Way Does It Again

If you’re like me, you like to dream about winning big in Vegas. My dreams of driving home in a brand new M3 are always shattered and my wallet empty on the drive home from the town that is commonly refereed to as “Sin City. If you have never ventured to Las Vegas you should check it out, not only will you be dazzled by the brilliant display of lights but the skatespots are amazing. I wasn’t here to aimlessly skate around town and gamble away my rent money like normal though, I was here to bring you coverage of this years MTV’s Sports and Music Festival.

Sitting high atop the Hard Rock Casino parking structure stood the Massive 18 ft. vert ramp, unfortunately for some of us, shooting Danny’s drop in ramp-level would be off limits, the pilot needed ample space to drop Danny in and there were already too many people on the roof. Those of us left in the cold were given an option though, we could shoot from a rooftop across the street or watch it on the monitors, and I chose the rooftop and crossed my fingers of getting an ample spot to shoot the drop in.

After securing a decent spot on the rooftop I was kindly told to vacate that area and shoot from a more secured spot. I pretended to leave the area, but hid behind a barricade instead. I was here to get the shot of Danny, not of the rooftop wall. When the coast seemed clear, I quickly grabbed my gear and maintained my original spot.

Luckily for me I was just in time to hear the chopper coming. The scene seemed so surreal, seeing a helicopter hoover what appeared to be 14 feet above the monstrous ramp and Danny dropping into it. His first attempt proved not to be successful, So Danny tried one more time, from my vantage point that attempt looked to be a make, but he ultimately fell at the last second on the flat bottom. That second attempt also proved to be costly to his shoulder, which looked dislocated. He walked away from the ramp holding his shoulder and fighting the pain.

Would that be it for the dropping? Would Danny not try it again? Of course he tried it again, and again until on Danny’s fifth attempt he stuck the drop in to the applause of everyone and MTV’s cameras. Congratulations to Danny for once again doing what was once thought of as impossible. The MTV Sports and Music festival will air November 13, 1999 so check it out.