As part of its 25-year celebration, FTC in San Francisco hosted the solo exhibition Fotograph The City for our own Senior Photographer Dave Chami. It was a collection of skate photos featuring the city and skaters of San Francisco that Dave has shot since he moved there in 2008: Ben Gore, Karl Watson, Nestor Judkins, Walker Ryan, Matt Miller, and more. There was a fantastic turnout, and a special performance by Casual and DJ Toure from the Hieroglyphics crew. Thanks to LRG and C1RCA for all the giveaways.

1 Nick Klein hooked up the framing.jpg
2 Taking the prints to FTC.jpg
3 Unwrapping the signature piece from the show.jpg
4 Karl Watson switch backside heelflip .jpg
5  Nestor Judkins backside 360.jpg
6 Dave with photo of Ben Raemers gap to lipslide.jpg
7 FTC guys Taylor & Troy checking out the booklets.jpg
8 Kent Uyehara .jpg
9 David Reyes feeble grind with view of Alcatraz.jpg
10 Matt Miller Backside smithgrind print was the raffle prize.jpg
11 Dave Chami & Rush Fay deciding how to hang prints .jpg
12 Photos on the wall.jpg
13 Ben Raemers with his photo.jpg
14 Karl Watson & Kent Uyehara.jpg
15 Dave Chami & Chico Brenes.jpg
16 Daniel Castillo & Brad Staba.jpg
17 Chris Roberts and more Staba.jpg
18 Cameron Esel with the show booklet.jpg
19 Dave Chami & Dan Zaslavsky.jpg
20 Hirotoshi Kawabuchi & Karl Watson's photo.jpg
21 Casual & DJ Toure of the Heiroglyphics crew.jpg
22 Casual & Toure performed.jpg
23 Dave Chami & Hustle Jamie.jpg
24 Alex Kopps & Laura Flippen .jpg
25 Jon Nguyen won the Matt Miller print in the Raffle .jpg
26 Tom Cruise's younger brother.jpg
27 Jabari Pendleton repping his boy.jpg
28 Ryan Wilson, Elijah Berle & Dave.jpg

Photos Suziie Wang & Ando Nesia. Video directed by Suziie Wang