David Gravette’s opening part in And Now shocked the crowds at the Avalon theater in Hollywood back in June with it’s mix of creativity and straight up gnarliness. Many cite it as their favorite part in the vid. Creature quickly put out the Baby Lamb’s pro board a couple months later. This week, David gave us a few minutes of his time from his home in Issaquah, Washington to reminisce on trips around the world, and the stress of filming a part in less than a year. The two galleries are from a couple major trips where David got the bulk of his part filmed. The first being the month-long Australia/China experience, the second being the eleventh hour week of filming in and around is hometown just a month before the premiere. Many of the photos were never run in the mag. Enjoy.

What are you up to?
Just making some tea.
You at home, in Issaquah (Washington)?

(This gallery, Australia and China, February and March, 2008. Photos: Dave Chami.)

How is it looking back when you watch And Now?
Pretty crazy. It was like, whoa, it's over. And somebody else is dealing with eight months of stress right now, too. The skaters for the next video.
Good times, though, right?
Yeah, it's a lot of fun but a lot of work, too. Because you're always thinking, you have eight months or less to make the best video part of your career. You can get pretty stressed out when injuries come in and you have to take weeks off, and you're wishing you could be getting something done.
Did the video part help in turning you pro?

I'm sure it had something to do with it. A lot of stuff has gotten more serious after the video. A little bit more responsibilities.
Bigger sacks?

(This gallery, Seattle trip, May 2008. Photos: Blair Alley)

How is life as a pro skater?
About the same [laughs]. Nothing totally different has happened yet.
What's the next project on your plate?
We're totally flipping the biscuit and working on a Thrasher video right now [laughs]. Me and Devin Apello are sharing a part. We're also filming for the Creature video, Hesh Law. It should be out in the Spring or something.
Cool, man. That's good.
No problem. Tell Lannie and JT Rhoades I said what up.