Day 1 Of The Vans Amateur Championships

A friend of mine tried to drag me out to Hollywood over the weekend, “You won’t forget the night” was one of the many phrases that blared through the cell phone,. Although the offer seemed rather enticing, I was on my way to Ontario, California for the Vans World Championships of Amateur Skateboarding which was being held at the Vans skatepark located at the Ontario Mills shopping mall.

So what’s the deal with this Amateur series? For the fourth year, Vans has spanned the globe hosting qualification rounds in search of the best amateur vert and street skateboarders in the world. Each qualifying skater then competed in the semi-final rounds which were held at select stops of the Vans Warped Tour ’99. The first-place winners from each semi-final contest then received an all expense-paid trip to California to compete in the 2000 Vans Amateur World Championships of Skateboarding.

Which bring us to today, Saturday January 22, 2000 where Vans flew in over 30 of it’s top riders to compete for the coveted title of Vans Amateur Street Champion. After a long day of prelims, 10 of those skaters will move onto a final round with one lucky chap taking home the World Amateur title and a one year pro contract from Vans, a place as a demo skater on the 2000 Vans Warped tour and financial support on the pro-circuit, allowing them their first opportunity to tour as a professional skater. Chah Ching.

During practice it seemed that Chris Cole might be the latest pro in a field filled with many. His frontside boardlides to bigflip out were on the serious technical steez.

However, Chris wasn’t the only one standing out today. The youngster, J.P. Ladd was floating kickflip melon grabs and benihana fingerflips throughout the day. But when it came down to the nitty gritty, consistency and style always prevail. Colt Cannon, a skater from the Bay Area, mixed those two ingredients and kickflipped his way to claim the Vans Amateur Street Champion title. Now I’m going to Gameworks, doesn’t Erin have free passes?

Vans World Amateur Championships of Skateboarding
Final Street Results
January 22, 2000

1. Colt Cannon
2. P.J. Ladd
3. Jason Blome
4. Nick Lister
4. Patrick Melcher
6. Mischa Zwaan
7. Robert Schmale
8. Dan Macfarlane
9. Dan Augustine
10. Avi Luzia