Day 2 Of The Whoopass Tour

Woke up to a 10 a.m. wake up call courtesy of Tony, he was returning a hairdryer that Frank had let Erin borrow. I must have looked like a freak with my hair everywhere. I took a look at the clock and thought about going back to sleep, but what’s the point? We’re leaving in an hour. Took a shower and headed to the RV. Matt Hoffman had received a box of videos and we through it in the RV’s VCR. Let’s talk about the RV for a minute, It is insane, Refrigerator, TV/VCR, and yes even a Playstation which we tried to learn some new secret THPS moves.

So back to the video, this is a skateboard site and I shouldn’t even be talking about BMX’s but the truth is these guys are gnarly. Just take a look at the box of Matt Hoffman’s video Head First it say’s that Matt had already cracked a tibia, broken 3 toes, broken 6 ankles, 1 broken fibia, 10 screws, 1 plate, reconstructed shoulder, 3 broken collorbones, 25% collorbone removal, orthoscopic knee surgery, 1 broken rib, broken foot, Metacarples, severed leg artery, countless skin lacerations, countless stitches, countless concusions, 16 pinched nerves in back and neck, tumor removed from leg, 2 torn rotator cuff operations, hit by 4 cars ( 3 on bike, 1 on foot), severe tendinitis in wrist, hands, feet and elbows, 3 broken thumbs, broken jaw disk, broken nose, chipped cheekbone, amnesia, poor vision, bone spur in right elbow and 4 fractured teeth. Keep in mind that this video was made in 1989. Who know what else this guy went through in ten years and I’m to afraid to really want to know?

So we are all in the van right now checking out BMX videos and heading to Wilmington, North Carolina for our next demo. We approach the park and it is packed full of kids, parents, and TV crews all surrounding the van. Everyone tries to jump out and the demo starts. The street demo is first followed by the vert demo once again. The demo is about to start and Tony gets bombarded by autograph seekers, he refrains from the autograph seekers until after the demo and starts skating along with Jeff and Riley who were ripping around the street course. Unfortunetely for Brian his ankle is still jacked, leaving him unable to skate at the demo I think he’s leaving on Monday with Tony and his family back home to San Diego and his girlfriend that he misses.

After the street demo, the vert was beginning, not being in the mood to manuever around crowds, I opted for the best view of the outdoor park being on top of the RV, it was by far the best vantage point allowing me to view the vert demo. from my view point I was able to see Tony and BMX’ers were doing doubles which was really cool. A product toss soon ensued along with the standard “give me, give me” screams from the kids after every last piece of clothing and can of whoopass was thrown out, we shaked hands and said our good-byes. We off to South Carolina.

After a pretty good demo we head off to Tex-Mex then on the road for about three hours in order to make it to our next demo on time, which is tomorrow in Greensville, South Carolina at 2pm. In the meantime I’ll do a quick interview with Birdhouse’s latest Pro Brian Sumner who is sitting next to me on the way to Greensville.

So how did you first start skating? In New Jersey, I was 13 years old it was my birthday and I got a board.

New Jersey? What’s up with the accent? Yeah, I was on holiday I’m not from New Jersey.

Were were you born? Liverpool, England.

What was the first trick you learned? Smashing up curbs.

Who was your first sponsor? Flip.

What happened with that? It sucked; I was doing it just to please someone for money.

Where has skateboarding taken you? All around the world.

What was your favorite place you’ve been? California.

What’s the deal with Baker Bootleg? Footage piled up for three years so it just got put out.

What are your future goals? To learn proper values and see how everything is, the truth in everything then follow my heart.

What are your proudest accomplishmeents? Making peoples day.

What is the first thing you are going to do when you get home? Chill with my girlfriend.

What happened to your ankle on this trip? I tweaked it at Utopia skatepark.

So is there anyone you want to thank? I would like to thank everyone who has given my support of course my family and sponsors, I would really like to thank my girlfriend for staying up late to talk to me while I’m on tour, I miss you so much Tracy.

Closing comments? Stay true. If you want to email me, you can find my address on the TSA clothing website.

After passing the South Carolina border we spot South of the Border. How can you describe this place? According to Matt this place is where everyone goes when they get kicked out of Vegas” and Tony claimed that “It’s Vegas that never profited”. The way I would describe it would be the worst Nacho’s I’ve eaten in my life, I swear we were poisoned. Nevertheless we proceeded to stop and spotted a firework shop which made a of killing off the Birdhouse/Hoffman team. Our plan is to drive about 20 minutes then precede to wreck the State of South Carolina with our version of Fourth of July. The countdown to firework annihilation has begun. We pulled of on what appeared to be a desolate road after about 5 minutes and a brick of firecrackers later we decided to split and find a better area; this place might be a bit sketch due to Rooftops 60ft+ displays of thunder. Unfortunately we didn’t find a new spot to shoot of the fireworks, just a hotel so we could sleep.

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