Day 3 Of The Whoopass Tour

Let it be known that Brian Sumner is stoked on his girl. How stoked might you ask? Stoked enough to talk on the phone for hours on end and rack up hundred dollar phone bills, while Brian was chatting away, Jeff and I watched a movie and talked about BMX betty’s, Yes the BMX betty scene runs rampant back East.

We all got a few hours sleep and stumbled to the RV. We grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds and are now headed to Greensville, South Carolina the spot of our next demo. We begin driving to the demo, but unfortunately the directions are a bit off and we find ourselves driving the wrong way, which doesn’t surprise me since we’ve been having navigational problems ever since we got into the Carolina’s.

After getting in contact with the park we FINALLY get the right directions and are informed that over 300 people are there, that might sound like a whole grip but considering that yesterday’s demo drew a crowd of over 1500 it wasn’t to impressive. We pull up and hop out to a small and somewhat stagnant crowd.

A film crew from X2Day apparently are at the demo and will follow the teams around, this all makes sense since Rick Thorne (the host of X2Day) is on tour with the Hoffman Team and instead of leaving the tour to host the show they would join us. Cool, I suppose. Unfortunately for them they showed up at the worst demo so far on the trip. No vert, only a small but adequate street course and 2 mini-ramps.

Tony, Jeff, and Riley start sessioning the street course. Jeff is an amazing skater and will definitely do well in any contest with his consistency. Tony looks like he’s just cruising around grinding funboxes and doing noseslides. Riley was charging and almost pulled a kickflip over the hip. Soon enough everyone migrates to the mini-ramp where a session is going on maybe it’s me but it seemed a bit stagnant the highlight was Rooftop jumping ramp to ramp. Soon enough the session over and the autograph session had begun. The question of the day was “Where was the vert ramp?”

Tony once again signed his life away along with the rest of the team. People need to learn some proper etiquette around the riders. Would you be stoked holding a crying baby for a photo if it wasn’t your own or someone you knew? The requests so far on tour our so outrageous. These guys are way too nice though and most of the kids succeed with their requests. So on top of signing their lives away they are giving them away.

We escape the park and go out to eat. Note to parents: If you feel like joining us for dinner, maybe you should ask first. The restaurant reminded me of some sort of Carolina Chili’s. A magician showed up to the table and began trying to entertain us. Riley signed a playing card and somehow it ended up on the ceiling to be displayed “Forever and Ever”. Rooftop was asked to sign a card but when the Magician saw “I spit on food” as the signature he thought better and did a much weaker card trick and promised to throw it up after we left, The X2Day people ate dinner with us and interviewed Tony.

Tonight is Tony’s last night on tour he is flying home with the family and Brian Sumner in the morning. Right now we are on our way to Atlanta, Georgia to meet Bucky Lasek, Andrew Reynolds, and Ali Cairns who will be on for the remainder of the tour as for myself, I was suppose to leave today but think that a few more days of tour are still in me. Made it to the hotel and put this thing up while everyone else in the room is sleeping.

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