Day 4 Of The Whoopass Tour

Woke up to Brian pacing around the hotel room and Tony calling the room for him. Brian was so psyched to get home that he stayed up all night playing Nintendo and doing push-ups. It was no surprise that Brian was pacing; he had been up all night planning his wedding in Vegas. Yeah Brian! Hope your ankle gets better and good luck on the marriage. Have a safe trip home everyone.Got up and met our new crew at Denny’s which now consists of Andrew “Up the drunx” Reynolds, Ali Carnes, and Bucky Lasek along with OG tour dogs Jeff Lenoce, Mat Hoffman, Rick Thorne, Rooftop Mike, and RV Frank. Thanks to proper directions we made it Warner Robins, Georgia on time. Pulled up to the park and saw 3 cars. We actually made it to a demo on time and no one showed up? Haaaa, On top of this the X2day crew was in town filming everyone for a future episode. Maybe skateboarding isn’t that cool must have been the thought going through their minds.

Apparently the demo time we were told was wrong. The demo would actually be starting at 6pm instead of 4pm that left us 2 hours to cruise around the park by ourselves and get warmed up except for Mat who cruised to Baskin Robins to get RV Frank a birthday cake. Slowly but surely the park started to fill up and everyone started skating. Jeff once again killed the street course with his flip trick magic Andrew was killing it also which motivated me to I grab my gear and shoot a few photo’s. A girl came up to me and asked it I was “pro” uhhhh photographer maybe! She went on to tell me how she is a future Ride photographer, great we are once again in BMX Betty land.

Headed out to the vert ramp and watched Ali destroy the ramp, Bucky started tearing it up as well but unfortunately throw his back out. Down went the camera and I started the search for Advil. The demo was over. Note to news people: If someone is hurt the last think a rider wants is you to film them. I headed out to the RV and grabbed a drink. Kids started coming up to the van and knocking on the windows asking for stickers, boards, shirts, shoes, drinks, or “anything you don’t want’. By this time I had forgot about Franks birthday until Rick came running out saying that we needed Frank right away “Mat got hurt”. Frank began rushing to the building. Instead of seeing a down Mat, a birthday cake and candles were in his face. I know that Frank must have used his breath for relief that’s why the candles weren’t blown all the way out. Wait they were trick candles. Hahaha. Happy Birthday Frank, you rule driving thousands of miles and always smiling. After the usual chaotic product toss and Andrew explaining his religious views to thrones of 12 year olds we hit the road off to Jacksonville, Florida.

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