Our January 2009 issue won’t be out for a couple more weeks (unless you’re a subscriber, in which case you probably already have it), but here’s a little teaser of the DC Europe Tour for you. The entire DC team split up into two groups, one taking on Northern Europe and the other took to the South. Photogs Mike Blabac and Mike O’Meally kept up with them and delivered an amazing article. So to accompany that, check out these photos Mike Blabac sent us of sightseeing, relaxing, goofing off, and everything else that happens on tour that we just can’t squeeze into the mag: Josh Kalis, Lindsey Robertson, Colin McKay, Wes Kremer, Greg Myers, PJ Ladd, Antony Lopez, Ruben Garcia, Jani Laitala, Jody Smith, all the fans, and more.