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I rolled out to Phoenix am with a few DC flow dudes consisting of Taylor McClung, Travis Glover, and Demarquis Mcdaniels and DC am Evan Smith (Wes Kremer is finishing his SIF part which is premiering on DC’s site later this month). The guys wanted to skated a bunch of street spots out in AZ. We stopped in Moreno Valley, California on the way out to skate a spot that Marquise Henry recently had an ad on.
Demarquis Mcdaniels checking the spot.

Demarquis was excited to grind this rail and go into the bank, but he was not happy about the possible on coming traffic he may be running into.

Taylor tried to get a really sick trick and got pitched down the rough bank.

The slam resulted in some roughed up and bloody hands.

He is all smiles. Time for him to get cleaned up. We then drove to our hotel which was about 5 hours away to get some sleep. Next day was the practice. We ended up going out Friday night after practice.

We went to another famous Marquise spot. Demarquis got a smooth lipslide.

Evan backed up Demarquis with a lipslide backside. We got the boot and decided to go see some more spots.

Ended up at this crazy church. Evan feebled this rail three times.

Taylor took the route of going over the rail with a boosted kickflip. After that we headed back to the hotel for some chilling. The next day consisted of a good amount of park skating.

That night was Bad Brains which was insanely rad! Could not get my real camera in so we got the iPhone pic.

None of the guys qualified for Sunday so we hit the streets. It was real hot out. I believe it was around 87 degrees. Evan got stale in the heat.

After that we checked a few more spots and ended up at this tall flat bar. Travis has snaps and gets the crooked grind.

Evan came into back up Travis and got a tall front nose.

Checked one more spot, the sun was draining everyone and Evan was on a mission for some ditch grab photos. Boneless over Jimmy Roat. Session got rolled by 15 skaters and it was time to get out of the sun and head back home.

Evan is psyched to go home!