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SUPER TOUR? WHAT’S THAT? Why are these guys wearing these crazy jerseys? Are they some sort of Olympic athletes? Are they a boy band? If you’re asking these questions, you were probably born within the last 20 years and don’t have access to your daddy’s Big Brother mags or old copies of 411VM, but that’s fine. Long story short, before shoe brands were doing massive tours, there lived the DC EU Super Tour that took place back in ’97. I remember seeing the article and video recap(s) thinking how nostalgic and original it was to see this all-star squad traveling to all these different countries running a muck, all while wearing these matching jerseys. To me, it brought the average skate tour to an entirely different level of fun, and it pioneered an element of elitism that I just hadn’t seen in skateboarding before.

It’s something I have always wanted to see brought into modern times, so when we got hit up by our compadres down in Latin America to plan a tour, it was sort of a no brainer to consider this tour to be of super proportions. So, we set off to the lands of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil and Mexico with the likes of T-Funk, Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith, Alexis Ramirez, Carlos Iqui, and Wes Kremer to embark on the DC Lat Am Super Tour. Three weeks, five countries, six skaters, 30 custom jerseys, two filmers, a photographer, multiple croats, and nothing but good times. Although things have changed quite a bit since ’97, this tour still over exceeded the word “super” in my opinion, and with a squad like this visiting some of the most skate hungry countries in the world… It was inevitable that the outcome would be nothing short of superior. —JIMMY ASTLEFORD


“I got hurt the second day into the trip in Buenos Aires, with another four stops ahead of us. I went and had it x-rayed and it wasn’t broken, so I decided it would be best to stick around. I wanted to be on the trip. The opportunities to go to these places was such an opportunity, and as long as people aren’t bummed on me for not being able to skate, I am gonna sit back and try to bring the hype! These dudes are some of my best friends. T-Funk is like my little brother, and Wes is like a brother to me, too. Motivating them at spots, I live for that, man. There is nothing else I would have rather been doing on the planet.” —EVAN SMITH

Evan Smith_FS 180 Fakie Five 0
Evan Smith, frontside 180 fakie five-0 out. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: Gaston Francisco

“Tiagozilla was the MVP… this guy is sick! He started the trip in Argentina with a gangsta pantyhose on his head and injected his energy through everybody from then on. Great guy with amazing energy.” —CARLOS IQUI

Carlos Iqui_Nollie Backside Flip
Carlos Iqui, nollie backside flip. Valparaiso, Chile. Photo: Gaston Francisco


“I was trying this wallie boardslide in Chile, and one of the tries I didn’t go for it and ended up wallying off this wall at the end of the spot onto a sidewalk just messing around, and almost got killed by a guy on his motorcycle. I didn’t see him because a wall blocked the street he was driving up. Anyways, my board was going toward the street and I tried to grab it, and I guess he got shook and laid his bike down and slid out onto the pavement about 30 feet or so. He laid there for a minute while we all tripped out thinking he was dead, but he ended up being okay. his bike was a bit fucked up. I tried giving him money but he wouldn’t take it. But in the end he was cool.” —TRISTAN FUNKHOUSER

T funk motorcyle

TFunk_Backside Lipslide Shove It
Tristan Funkhouser, backside lipslide shove-it. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: Gaston Francisco

“This tour was made super by the people on it. Our TM Jimmy Astleford set everything up exactly how we would imagine our “Croat Bus” floating through five different countries would be. We show up to the demos with 2000 people waiting to see us skate. That was super. The size of the vehicles we were in; super big. We were super stoked the whole time and we had these jerseys that represented each country we hit, which were super dope. That brought it back full circle to the boys back in the day that were involved with the original DC EU Super Tour. If we can pay homage to that time period and stoke out a different part of the world, there is nothing bigger than that.” —EVAN SMITH

Evan Smith_Kickflip
Evan Smith, kickflip. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: Gaston Francisco
TFunk_FS Wall Crawl
Tristan Funkhouser, wallride. Lima, Peru. Photo: Gaston Francisco

“The tour was amazing! A whole bunch of kids showed up to every demo and we had the DC jerseys made for each country, kids were going crazy about those jerseys. After the demos kids were asking for them so bad! Great times for sure. I was hyped when I heard DC was making the jerseys for that tour, I kept thinking about the DC Euro Super Tour video that came out in 411VM a long time ago, they all had the jerseys on. It was dope!” —TIAGO LEMOS

Tiago Lemos_Sequence
Tiago Lemos, noseslide to switch 180 five-0 revert. Mexico City. Photo: Gaston Francisco
Tiago_Backside Flip
Tiago Lemos, backside flip. Santiago, Chile. Photo: Gaston Francisco

“Pretty much, when you go somewhere new, or maybe even somewhere old that you’ve been to before—more or less, a place that you’re not at everyday—you gotta take advantage of your surroundings. That’s why I only sleep maybe an hour or two at night on trips. Get out there and get some! Gotta get some of the local eats, go to the plazas, make some new friends, learn a new language, check out the nightlife, and dive into the culture. I can’t wait to visit Latin America again. Solo buenos momentos!” —WES KREMER

Wes Kremer_Nose Manual
Wes Kremer, nose manual into the bank. Lima, Peru. Photo: Gaston Francisco

“This was my first DC tour. Although there were too many great memories, my best memory from the trip was getting to go out to the pyramids in Teotihuacan in Mexico City. It was pretty crazy having to go on a flight like every three days and non-stop skating between street spots and demos. Although there was a lot of shit doing on, I felt pretty comfortable and had a lot of fun because of the crew I was able to skate with. Every one of those dudes is a G. Everything turned out just as I expected!” —ALEXIS RAMIREZ

Alexis Ramirez_FS Feeble
Alexis Ramirez, frontside feeble. Valparaiso, Chile. Photo: Gaston Francisco
Alexis Ramirez_SW Feeble
Alexis Ramirez, switch feeble. Lima, Peru. Photo: Gaston Francisco





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