Words and Photos by Yoon Sul

Last night was the Los Angeles premiere for Deathbowl To Downtown at the DGA theatre in Hollywood.  For those that dont know, Deathbowl To Downtown is a documentary on the evolution of street skating in the NYC (you may have seen the feature in our August 2008 issue).  Directed by Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski and narrated by Chloë Sevigny, the documentary is a history lesson for those who think that Zoo York is just a skateboard company.  It’s probably cliche to say that we need to know our history, but it’s true.  To give respect to our past is our way of living the present.  Although street skating did not start in New York City, a culture in skateboarding did, that today still strives strong and nowhere else in the world exists.  From the days of the original Zoo York Crew, to the evolution of Shut Skateboards, to the creation of Zoo York skateboards and the transformation of New York City, this film is a time capsule for all skateboarders—plus we get to see old Gonz footy that just makes you want to go mob the streets.  Just go see the film and feel the passion.  R.I.P. VAN WASTELL.