Deklines For The Year! 12 Pairs! Your Mom Will Love Us!

Did you know that someone actually produced a coloring book for sneaker dorks? Too bad they didn’t do it for skate shoes, but Dekline did for its most popular sneaker-the vulcanized Shun Mid-and it’s on and for you to download, color in between the lines, and post off to:

TransWorld SKATEboarding

“My Mom Loves TransWorld!”

353 Airport Road

Oceanside, CA 92054

We’ll pick our favorite, and yes, your mom will love us, ’cause if we pick yours, she’s not buying you shoes for a whole year-Dekline’s sending you twelve pair! We can’t guarantee which ones you’ll receive, but your tight denim’s guaranteed to never have been complemented better! Oh, and don’t forget your phone number, address, and shoe size-snap to it!

Cairo Homemade Shred Winner!

Wow, you guys skate all kinds of kit ‘n’ caboodles, ghetto-rig setups! We used to, too, we just hope you got your tetanus shots before skating some of those obstacles-everything from cinderblock contraptions and no-flatbottom, four-foot to straight-vert mini ramps to tree swings and muddy river launchers, but Ryan Compton of Troy, Virginia came out on top with his particle board MX-like race track. Was that Dad’s gutter for coping, Ryan? Anyway, call us up ’cause Mr. Foster just dropped your box off, and we don’t have your phone number!