The first park finals at the 2010 Dew Tour went down on Saturday night, and despite some new faces out there—Bastien Salabanzi, Eli Reed, and, of course, how could we not mention Jereme Rogers?—Greg Lutzka still came through with the consistency and went home in first place with Ryan Sheckler and Chaz Ortiz following behind in second and third. Check out the video, and for a breakdown and full results at the Boston Skate Open, click HERE.

1. Greg Lutzka, 88.05
2. Ryan Sheckler, 86.30
3. Chaz Ortiz, 83.35
4. Bastien Salabanzi, 81.18
5. Eli Reed, 78.38
6. Sierra Fellers, 76.15

Filmed and edited by Alex Pelletier