Dew Tour Orlando Street Finals

After the first round of runs, Sheckler looked unstoppable. He nailed his whole run with kickflip front boards, Cab back lips, kickflip wallrides, a 360 flip over the hip, etc. He was out in front by a lot of points. After each skater had his own run, there were jam sessions, and these are where skaters like Jereme Rogers and Paul Rodriguez shine. With more time to work with and less pressure, Paul and Jereme broke the course off. Switch crooks, switch back lips, and switch tailslides down the rails--these guys could have filmed video parts in the five minutes they had to skate. Sheckler, meanwhile, was flying all over the course throwing his signature kickflip grabs over hips and he pulled a Cab kickflip up the Euro gap. In the end, the judges awarded Jereme’s array of extremely difficult tricks the top honors.

Billabong Team Manager Rodney Johnson had this to say about his rider Jereme, “When you got your team manager there, having a good time, it puts you in a good mood--and what are you gonna do? Get ‘er done!”

Check the full results below and the slideshow to the left for all the photos!

1. Jereme Rogers
2. Ryan Sheckler
3. Paul Rodriguez
4. Kyle Berard
5. Rodolfo Ramos
6. Chad Bartie
7. Rodney Jones
8. Wagner Ramos
9. David Loy
10. Greg Lutzka
11. Ricardo Oliveria
12. Billy Marks