Dew Tour Orlando, Street Prelims

With temperatures hitting 89 degrees and the Florida humidity in full swing the competitors definitely sweated their way through the street prelims. The course was solid with tons of flow and Dave Duncan was on the mic hyping everyone up during their runs. Skaters got to choose their own music, too, so the crowd got to see Billy Marks skate to Bowie, Sheckler to Motley Crue, and Chad Bartie to ACDC.

Birdhouse am David Loy got a golden ticket to the Dew Tour since he won the Freeflow Tour back in Portland, Oregon. He ripped and qualified fourth. Rodney Jones had a flawless run and was the points leader for a minute. But then Ryan Sheckler stepped up. Ryan actually fell on a 360 flip over the hip, but the rest of his runs were so full of bangers, he ended up on top. Full Cab to back lips, full cab flips up Euro gaps, front feebles, back Smiths, and hurricanes down rails—he does it all. Check the line up for tomorrow’s final below and check the attached video and slideshow for all the action.

Playstation Pro—Orlando, Florida
Street Prelim Results

1. Ryan Sheckler
2. Rodney Jones
3. Kyle Berard
4. David Loy
5. Wagner Ramos
6. Chad Bartie
7. Greg Lutzka
8. Paul Rodriguez
9. Rodolfo Ramos
10. Ricardo Oliveira
11. Jereme Rogers
12. Billy Marks