Dew Tour Orlando Vert Finals

Believe it or not it was Aussie vert vet Tas Pappas that had a solid hold on first place until Bucky Lasek took a run. Pierre-Luc Gagnon had an amazing first run as well so Bucky clearly had his work cut out for him. However, like clockwork, Bucky came through with flawless runs that included stalefish gaytwists, backside ollies across the channel to back tails, frontside rodeos, and 540s galore. His victory was undisputable.

Bucky’s victory in Orlando also made his 2006 Dew Cup win official. He now has two Dew Cups now under his belt. After it all, Bucky had this to say, “I’m stoked, this is the best.But if these guys didn’t skate as great as they did, I wouldn’t be pushing myself the whole time.”

Check the results below and the slideshow to the left!

1. Bucky Lasek
2. Tas Pappas
3. Pierre-LucGagnon
4. Andy Macdonald
5. Anthony Furlong
6. Bob Burnquist
7. Jean Postec
8. Neal Hendrix
9 RuneGlifberg
10. Sandro Dias
11. Chris Gentry
12. Jake Brown