Dew Tour Portland: Chaz Ortiz Wins Park Finals VIDEO

There was no Sheckler sighting in Portland since he got broke off at the X Games, so Chaz Ortiz, the top qualifier from Friday, had all the opportunity to take his kickflip front blunts and nollie big heel back lips to first place at the Wendy’s Invitational at the Portland Dew Tour stop. Chris Cole, who automatically made it to the finals, put together some pretty unique runs and skated the course a lot differently from eveybody else to take second, and P-Rod remained on point like always and found himself in thrid.

1. Chaz Ortiz
2. Chris Cole
3. Paul Rodriguez
4. Carlos De Andrade
5. Ryan Decenzo
6. Fabrizio Santos
7. Milton Martinez
8. Timmy Knuth
9. Kurtis Colamonico
10. Greg Lutzka
11. Rodolfo Ramos
12. Dave Bachinsky

Filmed by Chris Ray