Guaranteed you've never seen a contest course this gnarly. Recalling the famed '80s Capitola Classic—but on steroids—the Dew Tour wrapped up their 2012 stop in SF with their "Streetstyle" event, a downhill course of insanity spanning four blocks on Harrison Street, right above the Bay Bridge. Watch a quick walk through of the course with Garrett Hill and Lee Yankou.

Video by Cameron Holland

Dew Tour 2012 Streetstyle Contest Highlights, courtesy

Skate Streetstyle Final Results
1. Ryan Sheckler, San Clemente, Calif., 90.25.
2. Milton Martinez, Argentina, 89.75.
3. David Gravette, Portland, Ore., 89.00.
4. Ryan Decenzo, Canada, 86.75.
5. David Gonzalez, Colombia, 86.00.
6. John Rattray, Great Britain, 79.25.
7. Keegan Sauder, Canada, 78.50.
8. Dave Bachinsky, St. Louis, Mo., 75.50.
9. Manny Santiago, Lowell, Mass., 73.25.
10. Taylor Bingaman, Cameron Park, Calif., 73.25.
11. Garrett Hill, Santa Monica, Calif., 68.50.
12. Chad Bartie, Australia, 65.25.
13. Zered Bassett, Chatham, Mass.,
14. Nick Merlino, Atlantic City, NJ, 56.75.