We caught up with Pitcrew owner, Tim Reardon, to learn a little bit about Pitcrew’s history, what a normal day like is around the shop, and to pick their brain on what it was like making it to the final round of the Dew Tour Shop Showdown. Voting for the final round is still live! Cast your vote today but remember, you only get one, so make it count! And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the edits when they go live during the Dew Tour webcast. #DewTourShopShowdown

When did you open the doors to Pitcrew and what were you doing before that?
Mal and I opened Pitcrew in 1994. Before we had the shop we were sales reps in the skateboard industry.

Did you guys have a plan in mind while filming your Shop Showdown edit? Or was it pretty loose?
Brent took the lead on the video. Without him this would not have happened. He worked with Eddie and all the guys on the team to make everything happen. We had a plan but it was a pretty loose one.

Did you guys think you'd make it to the final round?
Honestly we had no idea. The group of shops that were involved were pretty heavy hitters, so we are psyched to be in the final round.

How important is it to have core skate shops still exist amongst large retail/e-commerce chains these days?
Core skate shops are very important to skateboarding. Who wants to hang out at a mall shop? What mall shops support the local scene, help build parks, sponsor the next generation of pro skaters? Mall shops don’t help raise a community and mentor kids. Most importantly, small shops are in it for the long haul not just for when skateboarding is “cool." As soon as something else is cooler in pop culture those big stores will drop skateboarding like a lead brick. It's happened every time the “skateboarding is cool” trend dries up. Maybe scooters or rollerblades will be cool one day so the mall stores will leave skateboarding alone.

Where did the name Pitcrew come from?
Mal and I spent a summer traveling in his Civic and kept a notebook with us so we could write down every name we thought of that could work for the store. We wrote down thousands of names. In 1994 shops had the wackest names like “Xtreme Boards and Wheels" and stuff, so we didn’t want anything dumb like that. We have both always been into car racing and we saw a patch in a shop in New Jersey that said Pitcrew. Mal bought it and put it in his car, the name grew on us both. In racing the Pitcrew are the guys in the background that make racing possible not the guys out front in the spotlight. So it came down to two names for the shop—Anigav or Pitcrew—we decided on Pitcrew.

What's a normal day like at the shop?
Our shop was flooded by frozen sprinkler pipes in the building above our shop in February of 2015 and pretty much everything was wrecked so we have not had any normal days yet this year. Right now on any day we might be doing anything from construction on our new permanent location or gripping boards in the little 600sf shop we have been in for the last 5 months. We are hoping to get the new shop open very soon.

What's the best part about having the keys to your own skateshop? As a kid did you ever imagine this is what you'd be doing?
The best part about working at a skate shop is not having to work a real job. It is so cool that we have been able to make a living and never really had to grow up. I could never work a desk job. When we were all kids all we did was skate every minute we were awake. Getting to wake up and work at a skate shop is the best job anyone could ever have. I don’t think any of us every thought we would still be working at a skate shop 20+ years ago when we started but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Top 5 best things about Frederick, Maryland:
1) It’s where we are from.
2) Frederick has always had a really good skate scene dating back to the late 60s.
3) It’s on the East Coast.
4) We are so close to DC, Baltimore.
5) Our community. Without all of the support of all of our customers, riders, local business community and the skate industry we would have never been able to recover from the flood that nearly took us out. Thank you to every single person that helped us out!

What else is going on for the rest of 2015?
We will get the new location open and get back to helping support our skateboarding for another 20+ years.