Dream Team August 2003

Things change. Sorry about that.

Last month we suggested that your choices for the All Local-Hero Dream Team shouldn’t be professionals. That recommendation only kind of worked. A good number of you (more than twelve) voted for your real local hero—a friend, a mentor, or the area’s mini-ramp champ. That’s legit, and we thank you.

Most of you, however, picked big-time locals—those who are currently pro or those one would associate with a particular city’s scene.

So, while TWS is not one to change horses in the middle of the stream, we must concede to you, the reader. You know who the true heroes are. You also have a lot of them from many different cities— so this month we’ve lined up two teams of ten. Pretend they’re going to have a heroic high-jump contest or some crap like that, and the loosing team has to do the winning team’s laundry for a year.

Ha, ha.

Sorry about that, too, I guess.

All Local-Hero Team(s)

Team “A

Tim Brauch (San Jose)
Mike Carroll (San Francisco)
John Cardiel (Sacramento)
Tony Hawk (San Diego)
Guy Mariano (Los Angeles)
Ryan Fabre (Las Vegas)
Jessee Neuhaus (Chicago)
Ricky Oyola (Philadelphia)
Jeff Pang (New York)
Brian Schaefer (Tampa)

Team “1

Colin McKay (Vancouver)
Bob Burnquist (São Pãolo)
Enrique Lorenzo (Barcelona)
Clint Peterson (Minneapolis)
Stephane Larance (Paris)
Kristian Svitak (Cleveland)
Reese Forbes (Washington D.C.)
P.J. Ladd (Boston)
Geoff Rowley (Liverpool)
Andrew Currie (Sydney)

We couldn’t say All Treated-Us-Like-Dirt-At-The-Last-Demo Team, or All Acted-Like-An-Asshole-To-My-Girlfriend Team, so in the next Dream Team we’ll feature your picks for the ever caustic All-Grumpy Team.

Visit skateboarding.com, move the arrow over the Dream Team button, and click it, the rest is up to you.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but maybe it’s not—skaters who wear glasses. A handicap for sure. Glasses fog up during sessions, fall off, and even break at times. Who rips with the lenses.

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Here it is, the dream team on concrete slashers. Who would you place on your team to kick up pool dust.

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